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Copyright July 2004

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We have been working to establish a metal, woods, and plastics shop and the New Hermes Pantograph engraver was one of the tools that we new we needed to purchase.  We spent a fair amount of time compiling manuals, photos, and information to help us ensure that the engraver we purchased was right for our business needs and we are offering this information for sale.  Following is a description of the contents of this CD and we are confident that this will help anybody that has a New Hermes Pantograph but it will be an even greater help to anybody looking to buy one!  The  CD is a MS Windows compatible 52x CD with most of the files being convenient Adobe Acrobat or typical JPEG or GIF web graphics.


New Hermes ITX-L / GTX-L and ITX-3 / GTX-3 Operating Instructions

This is a 16-page PDF copy of the owners manual and includes instructions on assembly, installing pantograph arms and motor, installing and using workholder vise,  adjust engraving sizes, engraving, engraving cutters, depth adjustments, changing the pantograph arms,, centering work, using letters and master copies,  clamping objects, using jigs and work holders, and more.


Operating Instructions For The New Hermes Engravograph Models GT-STANDARD and GT-SUPER

This is a 16-page PDF copy of the owners manual and includes instructions on assembly, engraving, engraving cutters, depth adjustments, changing size of engraving, centering work, using letters and master copies, using workholder (vice), clamping objects, using jigs and work holders, and more.


IF-3/GF-3 Operating Instructions

This is a 11-page copy of the New Hermes IF-3 and GF-3 pantograph engraver owners manual.  Contents of this manual include assembly of engraver including mounting motor, workholder vice, clamping work, using the pantograph scales, using ratio settings, understanding and using the engraving spindles, setting cutter depth, etc.  Furthermore this manual describes how to engrave including automatic centering, engraving sequence, reverse engraving, burnishing metal.  The manual concludes with care and maintenance tips including problem solving tables.

Operating Instructions for New Hermes Engraving Machines, Model I-M, M-II, I-L, ITF-K, ITX, IRX, IRX-K and Similar Machines

This is a 16-page PDF copy of this manual which includes instructions for unpacking, assembly of the machines and attaching motor, master copy type, holding slides and centering of engraving, how to engrave, pantograph (Adjustable Tracing Arm), how to determine ratio settings, how to change size of engraving, cutter spindles and depth regulator, selection of cutters, workholding fixtures, realignment of workholder, engraving sequence for engraving nameplates, ratio charts and working range of machines, letter and plate measurements, how to remove stylus, and how to make templates.

New Hermes ITF-V and IR-V Operating Instructions

Fifteen page PDF copy of the owners manual which includes an Introduction, Installing the pantograph onto the engraver, mounting the motor, understanding the workholder vice, using the pantograph including choosing and setting ratios, engraver spindles and spindle speeds, setting cutter depth, copy table and copy slides, how to engrave using these machines, automatic centering, engraving sequence, engraving more than one line, reverse engraving, burnishing on polished metals, care and maintenance, and trouble shooting guides.



Engraving as a Profitable Business

1971 Engraving as a Profitable Business Manual by Warner Electric Company (123 Pages):

I do not believe that the Warner Electric Company is still in the Pantograph Engraver business but I managed to borrow this manual and converted it to PDF.  This book is actually a manual for the Warner Electric Pantograph engravers but it is written to describe how to actually use the engraver as your business.  Some of the topics in this book include a business overview, overview of engraving process, setting the engraving fonts for single and multiple lines of text, selecting length of laminating blanks, using nameplate blanks, how to engrave, beveling / bordering, fitting text to material to be engraved, spacing etc.  Other topics include metal engraving, making rubber stamps including signature and logo stamps, engraving trophies, plaques, and awards.  The book also includes  the business aspects including; what to charge, marketing including how and where to sell, plus some financial info on what it costs to start and run an engraving business.  This older book still has some worth wile suggestions even though it was created before the days of cable TV and home computer much less the internet!


1996 New Hermes Engraving Materials and Accessories Catalog (55 Pages):

This catalog provides and overview of New Hermes materials and it was scanned and converted to full color PDF to allow you to flip through the pages to come up with ideas.  Obviously you will want to get a newer catalog when you are ready to place an order but this will allow someone just starting out a way to see the various materials, objects, accessories, and other items that were available in 1996 and are likely still available today in one form or another.


New Hermes Master Copy Type Catalog (20 pages)

This catalog is extremely useful for it provides information on how to select the correct font for the job, selecting the correct size and type of font, etc.  It also provides visual charts, symbols information, and information about the various types including the catalog numbers and SAMPLES for each!  This catalog would be a huge help for the bargain hunter looking to pick up used fonts online but you are not sure what the font number means or what the letters really look like!


1996 New Hermes Cutters Catalog (6 pages)

This is another extremely useful catalog to have on hand as it describes the various materials that we may wish to engrave with an New Hermes Pantograph and also describes cutters available for the New Hermes Engravers and which cutters are best for the various materials.   This document describes rotating cutters, their spindle speeds, tip sizes, special application cutters as well as non-rotating engraving such as diamond gravers.  This contains figures and drawings as well as the very useful catalog numbers and sizes!


Various other Catalogs and price lists

The CD includes several other catalogs and price lists that will help place a dollar value on the various New Hermes machines, accessories, materials, etc.  I know I have found it useful to evaluate the cost of the various fonts and cutters but these do cover just about everything New Hermes sells.  I am not going to try to list them all here as you get the idea of what is on this CD by now!


The CD contains a fair amount of information on Braille and especially the Raster Braille system.  I mention this here as I know that Braille is an essential part of engraving and the information may be useful to someone that buys the CD.


The CD also includes a collection of photos that I have compiled to help us understand and appreciate the differences between the various New Hermes engravers.  The CD contains photos of the F-3, GM, GM3, IL-K II, ITF, ITF-II, ITF-V, M, M3, VB and VB-II pantograph engravers.  There are a few additional folders for bevellers, plastic saws, metal shears, ring engravers, and more.  Again, these are photos I have compiled from all over and they are handy to have when looking at these manuals on the CD when you don't own the machine yet!


Anybody want to trade?

Like I said above, I have been buying and searching for information about the New Hermes Pantograph Engravers from any source where I can get it.  If you are interested in the materials I have and you have something that I am missing in regards to the New Hermes Pantograph Engraver please E-mail me and I will trade you for what you have as I am doing this to learn more about the tools I have!



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